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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Welcome to my blogger site specifically for the GTA 5 Emulator, if you have reached my site then I'm guessing that you have already watched my video where I demonstrate how it works.

If you have played the previous games before this new release then you would know how popular this game is, unfortunately it is yet still to be released on the PC platform. I'm a game fanatic for Grand Theft Auto and I've completed all the chapters. If your like me then you just can't wait to get your hands on the game.

Lucky enough I am on a hacking forum and spend allot of time on there. I was fortunate enough to catch the post of 5 GTA Emulators being sold at a reasonable cost,and yes I did end up buying the game, who wouldn't take an offer like that!.

Anyway like the title states,this is a GTA 5 Emulator which you can mount the game GTA 5 to it. The
Emulator is compatible for other grate games too,I have listed them in the video if you have been paying attention.

GTA 5 Emulator

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Since I thought I would be nice, I am giving away the copy for free, but please note this only works for windows operating systems. Sorry for the guys who are not on windows, I believe you can run a virtual machine to play the game.

Here are some F.A.Q that have been asked about the emulator before 5 people including myself had purchased it.

How does the GTA 5 game work  on the emulator
The GTA 5 game is is basically mounted onto the emulator, the game itself is an .iso which the emulator will locate and mount it for you directly.

Do we need a powerful pc to run this
You will need a decent pc to run the GTA 5 Emulator, you can of course lower the video quality if your pc struggles to render the game on high quality.

Can we just use a mouse and keyboard rather than a gamepad
Yes you can, you just need to apply some changes in the control settings of the GTA 5 emulator so that it detects the button configuration of a ps3 controller.

I have a problem with my emulator who can we get this fixed
The GTA 5 Emulator has a direct contact me button on there which you can ask me anything you want either about Grand Theft Auto or the emulator itself.